Gendered Game Design

There is gendered game design.  That’s not wrong, diversity in games is good!

My knee-jerk reaction is often based on skepticism at the human’s ability to take anything seriously.  They sometimes don’t take me seriously, but I often feel it’s because they are threatened or attracted to me.  This feeling of idolization by the people in game design could be in my head, I’m not sure.  It doesn’t matter to me, personally.

It starts to matter when you step on the toes the people around you that are desperately trying to learn.    I have a menagerie of issues, but that’s not an excuse for not paying attention to someone who is talking; get help if you want it, look hard.

I grew up with a family who didn’t necessarily understand the Video Game Design industry.  My dad played videogames and my mom claims that’s why he failed out of college.  My earliest memory of my dad is him telling me I could be anything I wanted.  My earliest memory of my parents is them telling me children should be seen and not heard.

At my cousin’s house I got to play the classic games on the classic consoles and have open and honest discussions about what we liked and didn’t like, it may have been a bit harsh but it was my only hope for a conscious future.  As I grew up I got more into AAA studios, fell in love with one, and then let it go.

I am very good at following directions; I think a lot of females are by nature. The females in game design know that it’s a cut-throat industry because we often have to deal with the cut-throat part.  People are beginning to see the power of video games, other people are seeing the wealth that can come from them, everyone wants in- and they’re losing sense of themselves along the way.

Males often approach gendered games with a positive attitude.  Females often approach gendered games with a positive attitude.

Males often approach gendered games with a negative attitude.  Females often approach gendered games with a negative attitude.

I often feel that when I ask for help from game designers about something that is important to me they brush it off.  I get it, we’re all busy.  I often feel that men stand up for me without me asking them to.

I really, really hate that.

Everyone who is up and coming in game design right now probably had some semblance of a sheltered life, if you didn’t then your perspective is unique and your voice matters, male, female, or other.


I HAVE AN INCREDIBLY BIASED OPINION: THAT’S THE PROBLEM.  I CAN’T WORK WELL IN GROUPS BECAUSE THE WAY I GIVE FEEDBACK COMES OFF AS SARCASM.  I am flexible in what roles I can play and people don’t support that flexibility, that’s not a problem for me but it might be for the industry.


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